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About Eyelash Extensions Boston MA

Our mission is to be meticulous with proper isolation when applying your eyelash extensions to ensure the best quality. With our multi certified lash technicians and our utmost care for correct application, you will love your Boston lash extensions every single time you visit us. We want you to feel comfortable and trust our lash technicians. Our staff is devoted to being professional so you can enjoy your time and be pleased with your lash application. 

We strive to give you the best eyelash extensions Boston and surrounding areas have to offer. By using proper technique, medical grade products, and protecting the integrity of your natural lashes, we will give you the lash extensions of your dreams. You deserve the elite experience that we are ready to provide. 

We take the safety of your eyes very seriously. It is our goal to keep you comfortable before, during, and after your appointment. With our sanitation measures and our clean lash technicians, you will always step foot in a spotless and properly sanitized salon. 

Your satisfaction is crucial. We are determined to give you the eyelash extensions you are envisioning. We schedule a complimentary follow up appointment to make sure you are happy with your Boston eyelash extensions.

Why choose lash extensions Boston? 

Boston lash extensions are fun and luxurious. You want them to continue being fun and luxurious by being properly applied. Your eyes are important and we give our eyelash technicians high amounts of education so they are always up to date on the safety and application techniques needed for your lash longevity. Since our products are properly stored, cleaned, and applied, we avoid damage to your natural lashes.

Our salon is the best option for you because:

  1. We always keep the salon sanitized and clean.
  2. Our lash technicians accurately isolate during the application for safety for your natural lashes.
  3. We take pride in our education and we are always up to date with trends and the latest techniques.
  4. We customize your eyelash extensions to fit your eye shape, lifestyle, and desired look.

We have been doing the most fabulous eyelash extensions Boston has provided for years. We have paved the way for lash extensions to grow and improve in our community. Our standards are set to the highest in Boston. 

We are top of the line for lash application, professionalism, and atmosphere. Call us now to schedule your appointment and come enjoy all of the impeccable client service we can give.

What to expect from lash extensions Boston 

We are here to provide the very best eyelash extensions Boston has to offer. We do this by using high end products that we can tailor to your vision for your idea of the best false eyelashes. We keep a wide variety of lash extension sizes to fit any style you are looking for. Our brief consultation before your lash appointment will ensure we are truly tailoring the lashes for you.

Clients keep coming back because we are adamant about giving you the lashes that will be best for your eye shape and eyelash extensions that will fit your lifestyle. Our staff is trained to look at your eyes and natural lashes to map out the perfect application just for you. We are here to compliment your beautiful features and enhance them.

When you visit our salon for your appointment you will be met with a smile. We will have a short consultation to make sure you and the lash technician are on the same page and everyone is happy with the lash application plan.

You will be able to chill while relaxing music is being played during your appointment. We will then let you check out your new set of lashes to make sure we got everything right. 

Before you leave, we will make a complimentary follow up appointment so we can check up on your satisfaction with us and your lash application.

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