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Eyelash Extensions Boston is the ONLY place to go to get those beautiful long lashes you've always wanted!

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Hello and thank you for taking the time for eyelash extensions Boston. Do you wake up in the morning dreading your makeup routine? Do you feel like your eyes are lacking length and fullness? Our salon is devoted to giving you the eyelash extensions of your dreams.

From eyelash extensions to lash lifts and lash tinting, we are here to get you excited about your eyes. We want to give you the most elegant eyelash extensions Boston can provide for you and our community of women. You deserve to feel beautiful the minute you wake up in the morning to the moment you go to bed. Our eyelash extension applications can do that for you.

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About Eyelash Extensions Boston MA

Our mission is to be meticulous with proper isolation when applying your eyelash extensions to ensure the best quality. With our multi certified lash technicians and our utmost care for correct application, you will love your Boston lash extensions every single time you visit us. We want you to feel comfortable and trust our lash technicians. Our staff is devoted to being professional so you can enjoy your time and be pleased with your lash application.

We strive to give you the best eyelash extensions Boston and surrounding areas have to offer. By using proper technique, medical grade products, and protecting the integrity of your natural lashes, we will give you the lash extensions of your dreams. You deserve the elite experience that we are ready to provide.

We take the safety of your eyes very seriously. It is our goal to keep you comfortable before, during, and after your appointment. With our sanitation measures and our clean lash technicians, you will always step foot in a spotless and properly sanitized salon.

Your satisfaction is crucial. We are determined to give you the eyelash extensions you are envisioning. We schedule a complimentary follow up appointment to make sure you are happy with your Boston eyelash extensions.

Why choose lash extensions Boston?

Boston lash extensions are fun and luxurious. You want them to continue being fun and luxurious by being properly applied. Your eyes are important and we give our eyelash technicians high amounts of education so they are always up to date on the safety and application techniques needed for your lash longevity. Since our products are properly stored, cleaned, and applied, we avoid damage to your natural lashes.

Our salon is the best option for you because:

  1. We always keep the salon sanitized and clean.
  2. Our lash technicians accurately isolate during the application for safety for your natural lashes.
  3. We take pride in our education and we are always up to date with trends and the latest techniques.
  4. We customize your eyelash extensions to fit your eye shape, lifestyle, and desired look.

We have been doing the most fabulous eyelash extensions Boston has provided for years. We have paved the way for lash extensions to grow and improve in our community. Our standards are set to the highest in Boston.

We are top of the line for lash application, professionalism, and atmosphere. Call us now to schedule your appointment and come enjoy all of the impeccable client service we can give.

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What to expect from lash extensions Boston

boston eyelashes extensions

We are here to provide the very best eyelash extensions Boston has to offer. We do this by using high end products that we can tailor to your vision for your idea of the best false eyelashes. We keep a wide variety of lash extension sizes to fit any style you are looking for. Our brief consultation before your lash appointment will ensure we are truly tailoring the lashes for you.

Clients keep coming back because we are adamant about giving you the lashes that will be best for your eye shape and eyelash extensions that will fit your lifestyle. Our staff is trained to look at your eyes and natural lashes to map out the perfect application just for you. We are here to compliment your beautiful features and enhance them.

When you visit our salon for your appointment you will be met with a smile. We will have a short consultation to make sure you and the lash technician are on the same page and everyone is happy with the lash application plan.

You will be able to chill while relaxing music is being played during your appointment. We will then let you check out your new set of lashes to make sure we got everything right.

Before you leave, we will make a complimentary follow up appointment so we can check up on your satisfaction with us and your lash application.


We do it all and we are up on the latest trends when it comes to lash services. We offer fabulous eyelash extensions, the best eyelash lift Boston provides, and the most infused lash tinting Boston has to offer. Each service can be customized and tailored to be unique for you. We pride ourselves in individuality for each eyelash extension set.

Classic Lashes

This technique is done by adhering one eyelash extension to one natural lash. Classic lash extensions are great for anyone with fuller natural lashes, but wants longer eyelashes. You can make classic lashes look more natural or you can make them more dramatic if that’s what you're looking for.

Volume lashes

A fan of 3-5 lightweight lash extensions are applied to one natural lash. The weight of the fake eyelashes are kept light to keep the natural lash free from any damage from too much weight. Volume lashes are the number one pick for anyone who has thin natural lashes and wants a fuller look.

Mega volume lashes

This is the most dramatic set of lashes that we offer. This is for the ladies who want to go all out and make their eyes stand out. Mega volume lashes are ultra fine so 10-15 false lashes can fan out on one natural lash. These lashes are fluffy and make a statement.

Hybrid lashes

This service is perfect for anyone who wants fullness that is in between the thickness of a classic set and thickness of a volume set. This technique is done by mixing classic eyelash extensions and volume eyelash extensions to alternating natural lashes. Hybrid lashes can be a good transition to more or less fullness for your best fake lashes.

Lash Removal

Eyelash extension removal can be done at any time. The lash extension removal process we use protects the integrity of your natural lashes. Boston eyelash extensions can be taken off in a timely manner and can be done comfortably. Our removal cream is high end and your natural lash length and fullness will be protected during the process.

Lash lift

A pristine lash lift Boston service gives your lashes an extra boost with a semi-permanent curl and lift. This service is perfect for you if you have naturally long and luscious lashes and you want to give them a new look. The ultimate lash lift Boston process is similar to the perming process. It is safe for your eyes and the aftercare treatment is nourishing.

Lash tint

Eyelash tinting allows you to darken your natural lashes and ditch the mascara. The tinting product we use is the very best. This service is done with a wide variety of colors to choose from. It is a simple and safe process that can be done with any other lash services we have to offer.

About Boston

Founded in 1630, Boston is one of the oldest municipalities in the U.S.. Planted right onshore of the Atlantic ocean, “the city of neighborhoods” is the only state capital to be located on a shoreline. Boston’s beautiful four seasons bring residents outdoors for outside activities all year long.

Boston is known for baked beans, the delightful Fenway Park, and the Boston marathon. It is flourishing in scientific research making it the leading area for higher education. With a population of nearly 700,000 people, Boston is one of the 30 most economically dominant cities.

Nearby areas include:

  1. Newton, MA
  2. Sommerville, MA
  3. Brookline, MA
  4. Arlington, MA
  5. Lexington, MA
  6. Deer Park, WA
  7. Wellesley, MA
  8. Belmont, MA
  9. Winchester, MA
  10. Westwood, MA

Happy Clients

Scheduling was a breeze! I was able to get in at the perfect time that worked with my busy schedule. The lash tech was so knowledgeable and helped me pick the best lash extensions for my eye shape.

Julie I.

I had no idea what I wanted when it came to eyelash extensions. The staff was so helpful and gave me all of the information I needed to proceed with my appointment.

Sarah S.

I have gotten compliments on my lashes since the moment I left the salon. I just love the way the lashes make my face sparkle. The lash tech was so gentle and created a calming experience.

Nicole B.

Frequently asked questiona

Are Boston eyelash extensions safe?

Yes, eyelash extensions are safe in our salon because we ensure proper application on each lash set.

How much do lash extensions cost?

An eyelash extension set can vary in cost. It is all depending on what technique you prefer and how long the appointment will take.

Can I curl my eyelash extensions?

Since our fake lashes are pre curled, we do not advise the use of any eyelash curlers. This will cause the lashes to bend in an unflattering way.

Can I wear makeup with eyelash extensions?

Yes, you can wear makeup. We urge you to use caution with mascara. Most mascaras dry out the adhesive and cause it to break down over time. This makes your lash extensions fall off prematurely.

How long do lash extensions last?

With the help of proper after care and our meticulous application, the best lash extensions Boston has to offer should last from 2-4 weeks.

Can I get my eyelashes wet?

The lash extension adhesive we use needs to be dry for at least a full day. It takes some time for the glue to completely cure before the lashes are safe to get wet.

Are eyelash extensions near me?

We apply lashes for the Boston community and all surrounding communities.

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